The dance group “MiLaDeKo” has existed since 2011 and regularly demonstrates its abilities at events in the LCM or in the greater Münster area. The group consists of about 18 adults and is headed by Lauma Leišovnika.

In the summer of 2018, the dancers will go to the big dance and song festival in Riga, which takes place every five years, and are currently preparing intensively for participation.

MiLaDeKo are also welcome guests internationally, as the group has already performed in Germany, Latvia, Ireland, Canada, Belgium, Spain and even Australia.

The rehearsals take place once a week, currently on Fridays from 18.30 – 21.30, in the auditorium of the Latvian Center Münster e.V., Salzmannstr. 152, 48159 Münster.

Those interested in joining are welcome to come by, the practice language is Latvian.